Shalom, Fellow Caregivers;

It has been a …summer.  Rich, fun, testing. Good, in so many ways. But I hit the first day of school, and think, “Hurray for us, Little Miss Sweetness and me. We made it.”  It will take a much longer telling, to put faces and gifting on all that ‘we’;  the partners in crime and adventure,  who have walked the journey holding our hands and our hearts, shoring us up. So I will save that for another day.

But because I feel remiss in not writing more frequently, I want to share two quickies today: After searching for your desired passage, a listen link will appear under the chapter heading on the right hand side of the screen. Click! and Blue Letter Bible will read the word aloud to you while you fold laundry, or wash dishes, or rock the baby. It will read truth into the deep parts of your soul that feel neglected by just SO MUCH DOING. And, as promised,God’s word  will light your way, and produce fruit.

Shalom: God be with you, for the well-being of your soul.

The second, I ‘stumbled’ upon today, as all the back burner issues, some well beyond simmer, pushed to the front of the stove. This song cries, “Carry me to the cross.” Enough said.

Shalom: Peace be still


jlf 9/12


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