The H.o.P.e. Revolution

The  H.O.P.E  Revolution – because God does not intend for anyone to live in the dark…

‘Tis the season… of wish lists and mulling spices, candles and tinsel, and the ever-widening crevasse between those with bustling energy and family recipes and too-long lists and kids coming home and those w I th o u t.  When ‘joy to the world’ is almost tangible. I love it! I love searching for just the right tree, just the right gift, and just the right party dress for beautiful daughters turned women. Daughters who can hardly wait to get through the door before they are pulling off gloves and pulling out sugar and vanilla. It is just And each Kelsey, Grace, Katrina or …Sierra who walks through the door brings exactly the right ingredient. ‘Tis the season.

But it is also the season of dark mornings, winter winds, and Salvation Army buckets. And either harsh reality, or the passing dark, has my mood swinging up AND down. That ‘joy to the world’ feels so buoyant inside my warm coat and mittened hands, that it surely can’t help floating out to reach everyone. But they say that for some, joy to the world is only a faint echo, heard over the deep and oft-times, deepening, crevasse. Speaking of music: I can barely restrain myself till October, to begin the Christmas music. Carols, and bells, and voices, ‘gainst the back-drop of starlit skies and snow sparkles. Silent Night melding into Gloria in excelsis…they say some cannot hear it at all. At all? Some for whom the echo is …nothing at all?

So, midst a prayer launched from my escalator-cruising emotions, I’ve elected to launch a h.O.p.E revolution. I ‘hope’ that to someone out there, on the edge, it will prove a gift, not from me, but from the One who gives all good gifts.

PS. A great and passionate lady, Kim Wallace, gave me the nudge to get this going. May her dreams turn to wishes, and those wishes ride on wings of hope.

Day 1: Today I hope that at least three women will be made safe physically and spiritually, through the efforts of Jungle school of Medicine – spreading h.O.p.E

Day  2: Praying for ‘angel escorts’ for all home and adventure bound college students, everywhere. And where it would make a difference, I wouldn’t mind if they could actually SEE the angels on each others’ vehicles


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