H.o.P.e. Revolution: Day 6

Feast in Winter

This morning there are birds everywhere – a whole flock of little dark somethings in the top of the closest scarecrow-ish looking alder. (They do not seem to be afraid of its stark, scraggly branches.)  (Calyx Hoag could tell you what they are, but my eyes are not awake yet. They do not seem to care about the frost on the ground either, as they lift as one and swoop around in hea’en-borne delight. I know why.

The eagle streaks effortlessly, 12 yards out and 30 feet  up, o’er the surface of the lake. With economy of effort, he makes the journey once, twice; and unperturbed, settles in ‘his’ tree to wait. I know why.

The sunrise sets aglow, the far frosted hillside. Undaunted by the forecast, it shoulders its way into the palette of grey. Am I surprised?

The creek roars down the ravine, churning its way with no thought of tomorrow – as if there were an endless supply. Should we know why, apart from the fact that it has been raining for days)?

The birds are at play, because they feasted on blackberries this summer, for long weeks on end, and in spite of the fact that they are small, their worry-weight is balanced with memory.The eagle is at ease, because he is amazingly equipped, and left evidence of the same all summer. He never frets about where he left his pocket-knife.The sun shows up every day. In the seeming dark days of political quandary this fall, the stars glittered at night, and the sun rose the next morning, put in place by hands older than time.

So we come to the creek – what abundance. Tim calls it ‘sacred water,’ rolling down our hillside, when the other sides of the world are bone-dry. Why?  I don’t know…I don’t know why. But I am learning to trust the keeper of the storehouse, who amongst other things, is the Giver of Living Water.

I received a beautiful story-post in the mail, written by Jim Bell, in which he is mistaken for an angel, after the simple but profound deed of sharing food with one hungry. You can read the entire post here: http://www.henryherald.com/news/2012/jan/20/friends-are-gods-way-taking-care-us-jim-bell. (Don’t want to ruin a well-written story for you, so will just say that the salient point is that sometimes, we are privileged to deliver the goods.)

When I am concerned about supply and distribution, Job 38-40, and following, reminds me…that like the birds,  I have been well fed.

God of provision, will you open up your storehouse on behalf of those who are too-long struggling without. Where you would have us wear the job title ‘stockboy’, will you help us get.to.work.

jlf 12/12


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