Some years, our family has been privileged to collaborate in crafting a Christmas carol. As we move from Thanksgiving to Advent, I am thankful for a God , who sees, and knows… Here is this year’s rough copy, based on Isaiah 61. When all the musicians get here, we’ll work out the transitions.


I have come…to find the lost, you lonely

Lend my truth, to light the corners of your mind.

I have come…to help the broke and hurting

Mend your hearts: I offer to you mine.

Let the little children come – the orphaned, lame, forgotten ones

Climb into the reaches of my heart.

Let the weary, burdened see; there’s rest in doing life with me

The blind, the poor – in seeing what I see.


I have come…to loose the chains that hold you.

You’re free to soar, unfettered by a past.

Beauty’s hope, in trade for broken dreams and burned-out ashes,

Joy will rise into a kingdom that will last.

The valleys and the hills made low, an easy path for us to go

Let the echoes ring, of the joy I bring.

I have come.

I have come.


(SPOKEN)   I have come, image of my Father’s glory.

HERE I  AM…  to offer you his love.

I bring strength for your trial, power for your struggle,

The gift of wisdom, and a peace that will not end.


(SING)   Let the children come…

Let the people see…

Let my kingdom come

When you believe.



2 thoughts on “Declaration

  1. C.J. Penn says:

    Very beautiful… thank you.

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